Simon Altmann



I was born in Buenos Aires in 1924 but went to London in 1949 to do a PhD in the Department of Theoretical Physics under Professor C. A. Coulson. When I returned to the University of Buenos Aires in 1952 the job of  Senior Demonstrator I had had before going to London was not renewed because I refused to join the Peronista party. Charles Coulson, who in the meantime had been appointed to a Chair in the Mathematical Institute at Oxford, then invited me to join him there as his research assistant. I arrived in Oxford with my wife and first son Daniel in March 1953 and remained there for five years: when Perón was ousted in 1957 great pressure was applied on me to return to Buenos Aires to help re-established the University. So, I was professor of Chemical Physics in BA and member of the University Council for one year and then returned to Oxford University, where I became Lecturer in the Theory of Metals in 1959 and in 1964 Fellow and Lecturer in Mathematical Physics at Brasenose College. In 1991 I became its  Vice Principal  and then retired as an Emeritus Fellow of the College.  I have published eight books, some 70 scientific papers and a few poems. I have also attended poetry workshops at Oxford and London for some eight years and have being a visiting professor in many European and USA Universities.


Snippets of My Life

I am a mathematical  physicist with main work on group theory, quaternions, and solid state, but since my retirement my main interests have been history and philosophy of science, poetry, especially science poetry, and some work on art theory, mainly concerning right-left problems.